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TCTTL -- Twin Cities Table Tennis League

Organized Table Tennis for 3M* employees and their associates -- friendly competition and fun.

Location:  the CCACS school gym; 1220 S. McKnight Rd, Maplewood MN 55119; 6pm most Thursdays

Registration required -- Fall League(Sep to May) -- Summer Session(Jun to Aug)


To contact the TCTT League, you may send email to either of the following: (email communications/Secretary of the League) (email Joe directly; author of this website)

TCTT League links to "more info." and "documents used by its members" :

View "TCTTL photos". 

Download document "TCTTL Information"  (w/$$$ fees -- a 1-page flyer). 

Download Excel file "TCTT Most Recent Weekly Results" (Excel file in DropBox). (POPULAR)

Download document "TCTT SUB Request Process"  (Word document in DropBox).

Download document "Proper Serve and Handling Player Disputes"  (Word document in DropBox).

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